About Austriatec.

Austriatec. FZE was established in the year 2006 by Mr. Mario Matyas. The idea was to bring high quality products from Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland combined with high quality installation by Austrian hands.

The company is specialized in Stainless Steel works (as well as aluminum, brass, chroming etc.) in all kinds with combination of glass, stone, translucent concrete or wood which is all manufactured in Center Europe but mostly in our country of Origin, Austria! We are specialized in customized items in low & high quantity, tailor made on wishes and ideas of architects, designer or consultants. Also we provide high-end installation services for jobs with a higher level of difficulty and precise time frames.


ideas - production - quality work - on time - installation - services


The company employs only three men who take care of the entire management, sales, developing, construction and installation. Together with our specialists, our own experiences and the ambition to deliver the highest quality, we will never change this philosophy.





Mario Matyas



We are located in the United Arab Emirates.